The goal of IceBuddha is to become a general purpose binary file parser to help me learn some things and try out some ideas. I'm doing this because I think it's an interesting idea, and with no goal of financial gain (just street cred).

Contact me

Email me at 0xdabbad00 – at – or read what I'm up to on my main site

Thank you!

Thanks to the following projects/people for making this site possible:
jqTree (Apache license) Allows me to show my tree view of the parsed data.
jQuery.ScrollTo (MIT and GPL licenses) Makes the browser scroll.
Waypoints (MIT and GPL licenses) Causes events to occur when you scroll.
ACE editor (BSD license?) Code-editor.
Eli Grey for FileSaver.js and BlobBuilder.js, which I use to download files (MIT/X11 license).
skulpt (MIT license) In-browser Python to JavaScript compiler.
PEG.js (MIT license) No longer used, but still appreciate them for it I was using it.

Thanks in advance

Bruno for writing my auto-complete code in his answer to my question on stackoverflow.

Privacy Policy

I don't collect any data. Everything is happening locally, client side on your system. It's all javascript and html, so I invite you to not only review my code on github, but host this site locally. Or better yet, fork it and send me fixes/features! Most of the site should work by just downloading it and browsing to it on your local hard-drive, even without a web server (some code does currently grab files from my server but I'm trying to figure out a smarter way to handle that). I host this site on amazon EC2 because most free hosting tracks users. I believe strongly in privacy, and frankly I'm too stupid to know how to profit from your use of this site.

I do want to eventually incorporate some wiki capabilities into this site which will mean some server side code, but I still will refrain from sending home any data you are not specifically requesting my server receive.