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IceBuddha is an open-source hex viewer and generic binary file parser that runs in the browser. Fork me on GitHub

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I wanted to test the limits of what was possible in the browser from a static site. IceBuddha is hosted on github pages. "Submitted" files are not uploaded anywhere. Everything happens in your browser locally.

IceBuddha leverages the HTML5 File API to read files you "submit" into memory, skulpt for in-browser python-to-javascript conversion to generate a parser to parse the file, and presents the parsed file to you. Crazy.

Read more about IceBuddha in my post on http://0xdabbad00.com/icebuddha-generic-file-parser/.

Similar projects/products

010 editor: Windows & Mac (commercial), odd format for binary templates to parse files, but looks similar to C structs and is often referenced.
Synalize It!: Mac only (commercial); XML based grammar format which means limited capability for more advanced binary file formats.

Project status

IceBuddha is mostly abandoned (last update on 2013-10-27 to move the files to github pages). I'm unsure if the concept of a webapp for this a good solution as many things are impossible (ex. saving files). It succeeded in testing the limits of the browser as of 2013.